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Let me clear space

Skin and bones.
Veins and nerves.
Hair and sweat.
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how'd you realize you were queer



I said to jas that I needed to touch some breasts experimentally and she said “that was pretty gay of you” so I went “truuu”

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side note: I feel real pretty today

new york and things

  • I’ve been here since Sunday and my sisters been nice to me like twice
  • visited two colleges, one was meh one was YAY
  • lots of museums and exploring
  • I got lost once
  • I loved every bit of it
  • If I knew New York better I could deff do this for 4 years
  • I miss michelles face but hearing her voice is just as good
  • met lindsey and carla, we went to see a spoken word and they are real life qts and a lot cooler than me
  • I have a new pair of birkenstocks and a new dress waiting for me at home
  • and work
  • I’m going to do this more and idc if you read it or not

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“When you find somebody you love, all the way through, and she loves you—even with your weaknesses, your flaws, everything starts to click into place. And if you can talk to her, and she listens, if she makes you laugh, and makes you think, makes you want, makes you see who you really are, and who you are is better, just better with her, you’d be crazy not to want to spend the rest of your life with her.”

Nora Roberts (Happy Ever After)

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I’m just so happy with it!!!



Put coconut oil in your hair, exercise, take hot showers, massage lotion into your skin, eat food that makes you feel good, stretch, lay around in bed, and listen music that makes you feel happy. Just do you.

Literally me since camp. It’s working.

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