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Let me clear space

Skin and bones.
Veins and nerves.
Hair and sweat.
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“Kiss the right side of her face. This is how you make her feel beautiful. Tell her her singing voice is cute, tell her you don’t mind her cold hands, tell her she can warm them up with your heart. Kiss the right side of her face. This is how you make her feel wanted. Hug her tighter. don’t pull away until she does, and even when she does, pull her back in. This is how you make her feel secure. This is how she will remind herself that you are the moon and she is the sun, even on the nights that it feels like you can only show parts of yourself. Kiss the right side of her face. Then kiss her lips. Kiss her neck, her collarbones, her chest. Kiss her gently, kiss her passionately, kiss her in the morning, kiss her in French, kiss her after a fight, kiss her before you start one, kiss her while pressing your body closer to hers. Like you can’t bear the thought of their being even a minuscule of her skin that is not being touched by yours. Buy her sunflower seeds on the days that her heart is heavy. Remind her that sunflowers mean happiness, they mean strength in any situation. Tell her the little seeds will grow into big flowers, fearlessly. As if they have never been afraid to be. Tell her to be. Be an artist, be emotional, be frustrating, be jealous, be indecisive, be over-joyed, be, be, be. Kiss the right side of her face and tell her that she is loved. Tell her that she is safe. Tell her that she is beautiful. This will make her feel like it’s true.”

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I cut all my hair off again and need to relearn how to take cute selfies

sun day

“I hate people generally, but I like people individually.”

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the main thing i look forward to in life is raising dogs w/ someone i love

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